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Oral Cancer Exam

An oral cancer exam is painless and quick. In fact, the actual exam itself usually takes only a few minutes. Many of our patients have chosen to have this done during their regular dental checkup as it is an excellent opportunity for your oral cancer exam. Of course, you can schedule this exam with Dr. Tammy Korylko-Carny, DDS at anytime.

Our Diagnostic Tool For Detecting Pre-Cancer & Cancer In Your Mouth

Our office utilizes the VELscope as a diagnostic tool to detect pre-cancer and cancer in the mouth. It is used as an adjunct to the conventional intraoral and extraoral head and neck exam.

The VELscope is a handheld device that emits a blue light. The light emits throughout the tissue layers. A precancerous area or cancerous area does not allow the light to fluoresce, by blocking the light.

Those abnormal areas in the tissue block the reflected light. The contrast between normal and abnormal tissue is visualized with the scope. A biopsy and other scans are ordered to assess the tissue abnormality.

To learn more about an oral cancer exam for yourself or a member of your family please schedule an appointment today by contacting Dr. Tammy Korylko-Carny, DDS at 330-633-5002.