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Advanced Technology

While we are primarily concerned with your oral health, we understand the way your teeth look is also very important. With that in mind, staying up to date with the latest cosmetic and technological advances in dentistry is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Our Gift to Our Patients Is a Confident Smile

With dentistry’s many technological advances you no longer have to settle for chipped, stained or misshapen teeth. You now have many choices that can help you smile with confidence and it is our intention to deliver that smile to all of our patients. The result is a more comfortable, less time consuming, and more affordable dental treatment than ever before.

Our state-of-the art office incorporates many technological advances, which include but are not limited to the following:

Video Tour of Your Teeth

One of the many ways we leverage technology is through a “video” tour of your teeth. We’ll take a “video” tour of your teeth, allowing you a front row seat to view what we see. You will be able see your teeth on a computer screen right beside you. The visual image ensures you will be able to better grasp what type of treatment is needed.

The Third Dimension In Dentistry

Our office houses an innovative 3D imaging device. It is used for planning the placement of an implant in all dimensions within the jaw. It is also used to image the jaws to determine the extent and location of a cysts, teeth and wisdom teeth prior to their removal. The location of teeth to the sinuses and nerves can be accurately measured and located in relation to the teeth. This is crucial knowledge to have prior to performing any tooth related surgeries.

Click here to better understand why 3D imaging is superior to a two dimensional one.

For more information about the technology we utilize and our dental services schedule an appointment for you and your family today by contacting Dr. Tammy Korylko-Carny, DDS at 330-633-5002.